Nexus 5X Was A Failure

I think I am ready to call the Nexus 5X a failure. The device really didn’t age well. Google sold consumers on getting the Nexus 5X with the Project Fi Services as bargain device with great hardware. It felt like a great deal with the limited options if you wanted to get Google’s Project Fi service.

The ultimate death for the Nexus 5X was the Boot loop issues. I don’t know too many Nexus 5X owners that didn’t experience this at one time or another. I also experienced random phones restarts at random times. A few times my Nexus 5X would restart while I was on a phone call. Some apps did not work as efficiently as they should on the 5X. For a person that is not on their phone all the time every time the frequency of these issues.
The Best Phones

Maybe one of the most admirable things Google has done was claim the hardware issues that the Nexus 5X has. Google will have the chalk up the Nexus 5X into the L column.

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