New Show 50 Central Is One Of A Kind

The first Episode of BET’s new show “50 Central” made its premiere last night. 50 Cent has been in overdrive as far as promoting his new show. Like so many others I watched this show with the lingering question, what kind of show is this? 50 Cent used the phrase variety show and often compared it to “In Living Color”. I saw people on twitter referring to the show as a black version of SNL.

To me, the show is really a variety show, emphasizes on really. The show has sketch comedy, pranks, celebrity cameos, and music. BET actually quoted my tweet last night when I made the point of the show being a variety show.


They pranked actors into saying the nigga from reading a script which was pretty funny. The show opened with a “Henny Dick” sketch which was very relatable. Tiffany Haddish made a quick cameo with 50 Cent having a lunch date. They had a super funny Katt Williams sketch. They went to the streets and played Fuck, Marry, Kill, and 50 Cents pops out and surprises them. The show ended with a music video premiere of Uncle Murda’s song “On & On” featuring Jeremiah and 50 Cent.

50 Central has 23 more episodes, and I think the first episode is just the tip of the iceberg. The cameos will get bigger and the sketches will crazier. I truly believe this show is a one of a kind in terms of what we have seen in the past vs what is currently on TV.

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