Hurricane Maria Is Following Irma Footsteps

Hurricane Irma has caused massive damage to the Caribbean island and Florida. Millions of people were without power for days after the storm ripped through most of the Florida.

The worst possible news after Irma is Hurricane Maria. It looks like Hurricane Maria is on the same path as Hurricane Irma. Maria may be headed through the Caribbean islands and a collision with Florida. Maria started as a category 1 hurricane and has gotten stronger the closer it has got to making landfall. Hurricane Maria is being called a category 3 as it makes its way to the Caribbean. The wind speeds have been clocked at as high as 110 mph. Maria also has the chance to turn into a category 4 in due time.

The Florida and the Caribbean haven’t made the necessary recovers and now they will have to embrace their self for impact with another major storm. There is a possibility of Maria changing directions and getting weaker over time.

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