“IT” Brings In $117 Million On Opening Weekend

This “IT”  movie is quickly part of $100 million dollar movie club. Surprisingly, the movie budget was an estimated $35 million which is on the lower end for a movie with this kind of hype around it. “IT” brought in an estimated $51 million on Friday alone. According to Box Office Mojo “IT” raked in $117 million. This movie set a record for the highest grossing movie for a weekend on the month of September. I believe a movie like this would have performed just as well in October being in the same month as Halloween.

I have already made my decision that I am not going to see this movie in theaters, DVD, Blu-ray, or stream it. I have heard from people who went to go see this movie that it’s great and I will have to take their word for it. I good on this “IT” movie dawg.

How much money can this movie ultimately make in the theaters? $300 Million? $500 million?

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