NBC “Marlon” Deserves A Season 2

NBC may have a hit sitcom on their hands with the new show titled “Marlon”. The shows in loosely based on Marlon Wayans real life showing the challenges of being divorced while still being active parents to their 2 children. I love the fact this sitcom is actually funny. I say that because There are tons of shows that are labeled “comedy”  but I don’t get a laugh out of most of the episodes. “Marlon” has some real laugh out loud moment in all of their episodes.

Marlon Wayans is outright brilliant in this show. The jokes are good and fresh, The physical comedy is next level. I think this show can have a cultural impact the way the “Martin” sitcom did in the 90’s. From watching the first 8 episodes I don’t think it’s nothing Marlon will not do on this show(within FCC rules).

For a new show, I think “Marlon” is performing well. The show averages 4.38 million viewers throughout their first 8 episodes. I hope NBC announced that they will renew “Marlon” for a second season real soon because I think a show like this needs to exist right now. This is really a show that the entire family can watch.

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