REMEMBER THIS: Rugrat Watches 2000

If there was ever a great fast food kid meal campaign, it would have to be the Burger King, Rugrats watches campaign. It was nothing too special about these watches on the grand scheme of things. It was just a plastic watch with Rugrats characters on it and a digital screen for the time. I do believe they had a solid build and did not break easily.

I was all of 11 years old when the Rugrats watches came to Burger King for $1.99. Luckily for me, my mother was working at Burger King at the time and I had a Surplus of Rugrats watches. I sold and traded my extra watches for far more than the $1.99 value they were going for at Burger King.

I have heard stories of people saying their watches still work to this day. You can go on eBay and get one of these watches for $5 to $10 dollars.

This same exact model was copied and applied to the Simpson’s watches in 2002.








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