Apple Makes It Easier To Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen

I can’t tell you how many people I see running around with their cracked iPhone screens. It can become a hassle to find a third-party company or person that is able to fix your cracked iPhone screen. The price to get your iPhone screen is varies depending on what the technician charges for their labor.


Apple has managed to build a machine to do same day repairs on your cracked iPhone screens. They’ve come up with a standard price of $129 to replace your screen or $29 if you have Apple Care. I think this is a sweet deal for iPhone users to know where and how much it will cost to get their iPhones fixed. On the flip side, I can see this new machine taking away business for those third parties technicians and companies. These third-party techs will have to charge a lower price and offer same day repair in order to truly compete with Apple. Apple stated that this machine would work for iPhones, they said nothing about iPad’s. Maybe they will be working a similar machine for iPad’s in the future?

This is a revelation I would like to see copied by the Google’s and Samsung’s of the world. This is one of those things where this is a win for the consumers. Apple already has a few of these machines up and running in a pilot program in select locations. Apple plans to launch this program in 25 countries.





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