Jinder Mahal Is The WWE Champion

A wise man once said that a world where Jinder Mahal is WWE Champion isn’t a world at all. I’m kidding no one every said that ever, but it feels true.

The Superstar Shakeup was just a month ago when Jinder was transferred from Raw to Smackdown. Now Jinder is the WWE Champion. The look on the fans faces when Jinder Pinned Randy Orton. Such agony, disguise, and confused looks on the faces on the fans in Chicago.

This may be a good thing for the WWE moving forward. Jinder being the Champion right now takes an angle of unpredictability. Something I think the WWE lacked in recent time. Can you honestly say you know what direction Smackdown Live is going now that Jinder is the Champion?

I also like the fact Jinder is a heel the fans really don’t like. On paper, Bray Wyatt is supposed to be a heel, but fans love Bray Wyatt(myself included). Can you image how loud the boo’s will be for Jinder Mahal on the next Smackdown Live?

Backlash was also a great PPV. Not a lot of theatrics, but just great wrestling matches.



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  1. True.
    Mahal being champion is something that I think may be good for business (Oh, no)
    Sure, some people are mad because of AJ Styles’ decline from last year up until now but then… no one can sit on the throne for too long (especially not in wrestling).
    I have no problem with Styles.
    In fact, I love Styles.
    He is one of my favourite wrestlers but I do believe in everyone getting a chance and perhaps this could help set up a new feud for Styles?
    Styles v Mahal for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. 😀
    Thank you for giving your thoughts!
    I always love knowing what other IWC members are thinking. 😛

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