Robert Mueller Named Special Counsel For Russia Investigation

The first thing I want to say is this Trump Presidency is going to generate a collection of great books along with a great movie in the future. The Justice Department is appointing Robert Mueller to oversee the investigation between Trump and Russia.

Former FBI director Robert Mueller is held in high regard and I have doubt he lives up to his reputation. At this point, The Justice Department better find some hard evidence about Trump having ties with Russia. As an American and tax paying citizen, I am ready to put the focus on real issues. I am not saying a US president having ties with Russia is not a real issue, but there are things going on in America that I wouldn’t mind getting the same amount of attention and focus.

I just don’t get the idea of trying this hard to impeach someone where his successor, Mike Pence might be WORSE(yes this means I am screaming).

Things I think America should be focusing on. How about getting someone to Special counsel these issues.

  • Education System
  • Terrorism
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Healthcare
  • North Korea
  • environmental sustainability
  • Unemployment
  • Gun Violence
  • 2020 Presidential Candidates

All of this Trump’s tax return and Russia stuff feels like a distraction. Whether they find evidence or not I just want this to be over and done with. Let’s get to work on American issues.





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