I’m Done With The NBA Playoffs, Until June

At this point, it is a far gone conclusion that the Cavaliers and Warriors will meet in the NBA finals. There have been very few games I could watch beginning to end because at some point one team ran away with the game. Some teams were just uncompetitive from night-to-night.

The Warriors and Cavaliers games were not worth watching either. Both teams have managed to remain undefeated in the Playoffs so far. They have looked head and shoulders better than their competition and it’s it hasn’t been worth watching.

I do blame myself for going through this type of agony. I knew the Warriors would run through the west and The Cavaliers would run through the east in the summer of 2016. No team in the east improved enough to compete with the Cavaliers at all. The Warriors acquired Kevin Durant which made them the favorites to win it all. I knew this and I still watch the NBA playoffs like something else was going to happen.

I’ll tune back in June when the finals start. Deuces!





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