13 Reasons Why Gets Renewed For Season 2

Wait? How? If I am not mistaken the entire show was based on a girl telling her story with the tapes she recorded before took her own life. A Resurrection? Hannah’s a zombie now?

The funny thing a few weeks ago I was joking with a friend of mines who was watching the last episode and I said: “well, it won’t be a second season.” Little did I know, Netflix will be producing another season. I should have known that because the show created a buzz and Netflix is the business of original content and making money while doing it.

Based on my research it seems that Hannah story will continue. There is speculation that there may have been someone behind Hannah’s death and that she actually didn’t kill herself. To me, that makes watching the first season pointless.

I am also hearing that the show will jump back and forth between different timelines. I think going into the past will so more reason why(pun intended). The show did have a few cliff hangers they a season 2 can expand on. So we’ll see the second season around spring 2018.

Are you excited about Season 2?




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