Microsoft Got It Right With The New Surface Laptops

Microsoft has released their new product known as the Microsoft Surface Laptop. The starting price for the Surface Laptop starts at $999 and can go as high at $2100 depending on the specs.


Microsoft has finally managed to create a desirable laptop. Microsoft has always made tablets and laptops that were “good computers”, But this new Surface laptop is a beautiful looking machine. Microsoft may be able to capture what Apple has done with their MacBook series with great looking hardware. I’ll take Windows 10 over any version of MAC OS, so Microsoft I believe has a chance to compete in the premium laptop market with this level of design.


This new Microsoft Surface laptop looks better than any hardware Dell, HP, or any other PC retailers has made to date. I Love the fact that you can only get this laptop with a solid state hard drive. With some many cloud storage options along with external hard drive being fairly expensive these days, t makes sense to just go with a solid state hard drive.

How do you feel about Microsoft new laptops?


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