The House Of Horrors Match Has Potential

At WWE’s Payback event Randy Orton went up against Bray Wyatt in the first ever House Of Horrors Match. I thought this match alone was the difference between Payback being a glorified episode of Raw to a Pay Per View worth watching.

It was clear they shot the fight scene in the house at least a day before. There is no way it was pitch black dark outside in California at 6 or 7 pm west coast time. It was also clear that the filming of the fight had to go through some post production to add music and other fancy visual work.

I thought is was easy for fans to bash the House of Horrors match since nobody knew what the hell a house of horrors match was. I didn’t think this House of Horrors match was that good, but I can see the potential in an improved House of Horrors match in the future.


I would like to see the entire match take place in the house. Why not have a referee present? I think could get pretty interesting if they have fighting scenes in the basement, backyard, bedroom, bathroom, garage, attic, roof and other places in a home that would look cool to see your favorite wrestler fight. Imagine having a different Wyatt family member in different rooms to make surprise attacks on the opponent throughout the House of Horror.

There is definitely things the WWE can improve on if they want to make the House of Horrors match a thing in the future.


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