United Airlines Kicks Random Passenger Off Overbooked Flight

United Airlines forcibly remove a passenger due to an overbooked flight. Flight 3411 was overbooked and the airline needed to fly 4 of their employees to Louisville from Chicago. United Airlines looked for volunteers to give up theirs seats, but none of the passengers took the offer. United initially offered $400, a hotel room, and will be able to catch the 3 pm flight the next day. They then bumped the cash offer up to $800 and still, no one took the offer.

United then decided that they will allow a computer to select random passengers to be kicked off the flight to make room for their employees. One guy was selected but refused to leave his seat. He claimed he is a doctor and had patience he needed to see. In the video below, it shows three men taking a guy out of his seat and dragging him down the aisle.

For the record, I would have taken the $800 and the hotel room voluntarily. There is just not that many things that I couldn’t just wait one more day for. I am also happy this was not a black guy I don’t think I could have dealt with the fake outrage. I don’t think United will ever recover from this as far as a reputation perspective.



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