Dave Chappelle New Netflix Specials are Great

Netflix released the highly anticipated 2 stand-up specials by none other than Dave Chappelle. Is was reported that Netflix gave Dave $60 million for a total of 3 stand-up specials to be exclusively on Netflix.

I was impressed with both stand-up specials being absolutely different from each other. The content of the jokes was different making it worth it to watch both specials back to back.

I really like the Kevin Hart bit he did towards the end of the first special. He makes a funny joke of how he found out Kevin was super famous. I was enlightened to see another comedian talk about Kevin Hart is in a positive light and even make a joke out of it. Most other times you hear other comedians refer to Kevin Hart, it’s in the worst possible way.

On the second special which seems to be shot in Texas, one of the highlighted jokes to me was the one about the banana peel being thrown at him. It turns out it’s not just a joke someone actually throws a banana peel at Dave while he was doing a show. His name is Christian Englander.




Categories: Humor, Social, TV/Movies

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