Why You Shouldn’t Eat Booty, Ever

For one it’s disgusting. The human ass might literally be the most filthy part of the entire body. I did do an extensive amount of research and found the worst of the worst of what can happen to you from eating booty. I ‘m not even going o waste my time to share this knowledge because the people who are performing this disgusting activity will not stop because of scary stories and doctor studies.

However, I will recommend a safer why to do it.  I am sure there may be a few people already using this, but I don’t hear a lot about it. If you’re going to eat booty get yourself so dental dams.


You can get them ultra thin with flavors. With dental dams, you have no real reason to put your mouth on someone bare asshole ever again. You can get a bunch of them for less than $20. I feel it’s worth the investment if eating booty is a part of your lifestyle.


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