Trump As President Is a Win for the Media

Since the moment that Donald Trump has decided to run for president he can’t help but piss people off. Some people love him some people hate him, but everyone is paying attention. In fact, I find myself seeing the people who don’t like Trump talk about him the most. The 45th president is nothing less than polarizing.

Trump is perfect for the media. In most cases, he is going to give you a juicy sound-bite, a good article or blog headline, and just good conversation material. There are very few news programs, podcast, and talk radio that has not made reference to Trump. In fact, Trump might the main focus to most media platforms. Trump is an active twitter so social media can’t get enough of him for better or worse. A Huffington Post article displayed a survey of how are people hearing about trumps tweets. 80% of the people who took the survey answered that they saw or heard about his tweet from the news. Only 6% heard about his tweets directly from Twitter.

When Trump decided to announce his Supreme Court nominee, he attracted about over 32 million viewers over 7 major news networks. All media platforms are generating some type of income from talking about Trump positively or negatively. Once his presidency is done I think the media should formally thank him for giving a boost to the market. Trump in the media is actually at odds because he calls them liars and they just want to call him out on his shit. I think it’s a perfect marriage.


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