Google’s Project Fi After 10 Months

I subscribed to Project Fi in April 2016 and I haven’t looked back. What attracted me to Google’s Project Fi was how unique the plan was. I was not willing to pay between $120 to $148 a month which is the average phone bill for the 4 major cell service providers(Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T). Project Fi offers a base price of $20 for unlimited call and text and $10 for every GB(gigabit) of data. The beauty of the Project Fi plan is that I am reimbursed the difference of the data I don’t use.


So in this picture I paid for 2 GB’s for $20 and got back $16.03 because I didn’t use that much data that month. I’ve got dropped calls, I can make calls and text from anywhere I can get to Google Hangout. Like for instance, I left my phone at home one day I went to work. I didn’t miss any calls or text because I just open the web Hangout app. I am not sure Project Fi is for everybody, but it is perfect for me. The only restriction with Project Fi you have to buy an official Google Phone to use the Fi network. The Nexus 6, 5x, 6p and the Google Pixel are the only phones that can work with the Fi network. I brought the Nexus 5x at the retail price of $199.I have not paid a bill over $40 since I first subscribed to Project Fi in April 2016.


If you’re tired of those outrages phone bill and you think Project Fi is for someone like you give Google’s Project Fi a chance.


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