Nicki & Meek Pulled a Fast One

I want to take it back to late 2014 early 2015. The rumors were in the air that Nicki Minaj had broken up with longtime boyfriend Safaree and was reported to be seen showing public displays of affection with Meek Mill. All of this was around the time Nicki Minaj Dropped The Pinkprint(good album by the way). Meek Mill made 2 guest appearances on the album which kind of solidified the rumors for some. The album also had a few sad record where Nicki was a bit vulnerable. To me, it sounded like she was making reference to the end of her relationship with Safaree.

I say all that to say this. That breakup and this breakup has the interesting timing to me. I feel like Nicki is about to jump into her album cycle real soon. And what a time to drop an album after a ultra-public breakup. To pour gasoline on the dumpster fire the petty war has already started via social media. The one I found the funniest is when meek posted I tried to drink it away and posting a picture of himself with a glass turned up. He is clearly not losing any sleep over the breakup was what he was implying. I don’t think either artist needs the hype to sell records, but who we kidding this extra attention will not hurt. Look out for a new Nicki single and look out for DC 4.5. People are going to flock to both projects just to see what they say about each other.

Nicki, Meek, you got us.


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