Get Ready for a SEPTA Strike

SEPTA union workers are planning to go on strike November 1st at 12 am if they cannot come to an agreement before then. The Transport Workers Union have issues with non-managers and managers pensions. SEPTA wants to make some changes to the medical plans that would cause workers to pay more money out-of-pocket. The Union also wants to change the scheduling to prevent drivers from being on their shift fatigued, because they did not have enough time to rest between their night shift and day shift.

One of the things I am a little irritated about is the Mayor Jim Kenney. The only thing Mayor Kenney has said so far is he spectating like the rest of us with concern. I not saying he needs to intervene, but I think he needs to be a little more hands on to see what if anything that he can do to avoid the strike at all cost. Union President Willie Brown has stated he has not talked to SEPTA on Friday(October 21st) or Monday(October 24th). That tells me that SEPTA is planning to stand firm and concede to the demands of the union.

I would be surprised if a deal gets down without a strike taking place. SEPTA’s lack of urgency has the attitude that they believe they can get the union to either agree to an extension or get the union to give up something to get something else they are demanded.

The Regional Rail will still run during a strike, but trolley, bus, and subways will not. My suggestion is to walk, get a bike, Uber, Lyft, find a hack, carpool, and turn that carfare money into gas money.


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