It Cost too Much to Be a Kanye Fan

Kanye West over past few year has kicked and scream about the barriers he faced when trying to get into the fashion industry. Kanye had aspirations of starting brand Yeezy and become the first trillion-dollar company. Kanye later partnered with Adidas where they gave him the creative freedom he so longed for. Adidas and Kanye then release the Yeezy Boost 750 that would set you back about $350. The released was limited even with a very high demand. The resell value for the shoes was as high as $3,000. I saw some of the Yeezy brand sweaters priced at $1,200.

Kanye released his new album this year titled The Life Of Pablo. Kanye stated that he would not have any physical copies of the album, but you will be able to stream it. The only way to stream the album when it first came out was to subscribe to Tidal music streaming service. Tidal subscriptions start at $9.99 a month and do not have a free option like Google Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Kanye has started his Saint Pablo Tour which is said to be an amazing show. He actually has a floating stage the hovers over the standing audience in the center. I am hearing the mosh pit lit at the Kanye Saint Pablo Tour. To attend the Saint Pablo it can cost you anywhere from $60 to $250 per ticket.

So let’s create a scenario of the ideal Kanye West fan. So I heard The Life of Pablo the first week it came out and kept my Tidal Subscriptions so I am on the tab for $9.99 a month. I want to go to the Saint Pablo and I want to get general admission so I can get into one of those mosh pits. So the concert tickets will set me back about $200 per ticket. I want to wear my Yeezy Boots with one of those Yeezy destroyed sweaters. So that will set you back another $585 for the boots and $1,200 for the sweater. Let’s add this up

8 Month Tidal subscription: $79.92

Saint Pablo Tickets: $400

Yeezy Boot: $585

Yeezy Sweater: $1,200

Total: $2,264.92

Damn Kanye who are you really making this stuff for?

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