REMEMBER THIS: The Best Smartphone in 2006


10 year ago the Motorola RAZR V3 was the coolest phone to have. A true revolution of its time being so thin and lightweight. The RAZR V3 had all the features we still salivate over today’s smartphone. VGA video calling, Bluetooth, expandable storage, internet browsing, camera and they even hand an iTunes version that would allow you to hold 50 to 100 songs. Motorola managed to have a strong 4 year run with the RAZR V3 model selling over 130 million phones. Let’s put that in perspective, the latest iPhone 6 & 6 Plus has sold  100 million units since 2014 and is the highest selling iPhone to date. The RAZR V3 was not cheap, it would set you back about $500 dollars to get your hands on this phone back in 2006. If you were to buy one today it may set you back $40 to $120 on Ebay or Amazon.

Do you remember this commercial on TV

Did you ever have a Razr phone?


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