I don’t get the negative views on Views


After sitting with Drake’s new album titled Views for a month, I am ready to give my critique if I may. I am a believer that you cannot truly digest an album in a day or after one listen. Some people decided to give their opinion on the album after just moments of listening to the album. The instant reaction was people being disappointed with or underwhelmed with Views. People seemed to be over the hype within days of the release. Drake did an interview with Zane Lowe a day before the release of the album. Drake stated ” I don’t want you to get it right away. If you’re able to get it right away and say ‘okay, I get it. That’s a great song.’ I don’t want that.” Drake was implying that this album was created for instant gratification.

On the other hand, people are saying they love views. I feel it’s safe to say that Views album is just a polarizing album. A lot of people love the album and a lot of people or just over it already. One thing you cannot argue is the numbers. Drake’s Views has been streaming over a billion time. Drake has 20 songs on billboards Hot 100 chart.
No. 1, “One Dance,” feat. WizKid & Kyla (up from No. 2)
No. 6, “Work,” Rihanna feat. Drake (holds at No. 6)
No. 21, “Pop Style,” feat. The Throne (up from No. 40)
No. 33, “Hype” (NEW)
No. 34, “Controlla” (NEW)
No. 38, “Grammys,” feat. Future (NEW)
No. 40, “Still Here” (NEW)
No. 44, “U With Me?” (NEW)
No. 45, “9” (NEW)
No. 47, “With You,” feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR (NEW)
No. 49, “Childs Play” (NEW)
No. 52, “Too Good,” feat. Rihanna (NEW)
No. 53, “Feel No Ways” (NEW)
No. 54, “Weston Road Flows” (NEW)
No. 61, “Redemption” (NEW)
No. 68, “Keep the Family Close” (NEW)
No. 72, “Faithful,” feat. Pimp C & dvsn (NEW)
No. 75, “Fire & Desire” (NEW)
No. 86, “Views” (NEW)
No. 89, “Summer Sixteen” (down from No. 73)

I found the album to have an ascending effect on me the more I listen to it. I start to like the tracks more and more I listen to it. My first listen to the album I just found myself cherry picking my favorite moments. A month later I can say I like 15 of the 19 songs on this album. I even found myself liking the singles a little more than when I first heard them. On my google music library, I replaced the only Drake version of Pop style with Kanye version of Pop Style. There is not doubt in my mind at all that Drake is the biggest artist in the world right now.




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